The Coconut Wireless…

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“Coconut what?” I asked, a bit confused… “The coconut wireless mate. It’s what the locals call it, you know, the rumor mill, the local gossip makin’ it’s way from busy body to busy body.” More on this in a minute…

[tell-a-friend id=”1″ title=”Share this article with a friend!”]Chris and I both rolled into Fiji a couple of days ago. After barely making our flight out of Auckland and then missing our inter-island connection (apparently Chris thinks 30 minutes is easily enough time for a connection off an international flight!) we spent a brief evening in Nadi before heading over to Savusavu to meet up with a few colleagues.

We kept this trip quiet, as we only had a few days, and we didn’t want to offend those we just wouldn’t have the time to see (Sorry guys!). Too late, as the aforementioned coconut wireless was in high gear. Apparently most of the town knew we were coming before we even touched down! Such is life on a small island.

The agenda for this trip was a quick meet with our JV partner for the resilient, safe-haven development we’re working on. He was kind enough to host us and truck us around the property for the last 2 days. We also met up with our farm manager, a heck of a nice guy whom some of you met at our last Meet Up in Fiji.

Chris and I have been a bit nervous about the progress, as this is a big project for us, and development is not our expertise. Of course we couldn’t have picked a better partner, a guy with over 35 years of development experience in the South Pacific, he’s truly an artist with the land. This last 2 days has convinced us that this project will be very special and unique indeed!

Banyan Tree

Avatar or Fiji? A massive Banyan tree on our beach.

Like our JV partner, our farm manager was also an incredible find. One of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet, with a wealth of knowledge that we’re already tapping into. He’ll be overseeing the rejuvenation of our 2,000 organic vanilla plants and dozens of cocoa trees that were left unattended for the last couple of years. His “canvas” will be over 100 acres of rich, black volcanic soil where we intend to graze cattle, goats, pigs, chickens and duck… not to mention planting everything from avocado to zapallito.

It’s our intention to host an open house on the property within the next 3 months. The timing is still a bit uncertain, but we’ll be discussing it regularly herein.

Club House

The “Community Center” where we’ll host our Open House.

If this is all news to you, stay tuned or drop us a line and let us know you have an interest. We’re not building a mega-project here, but rather looking for a few dozen folks who think it might be nice to be part of something special in one of the most beautiful places on earth, bar none.

A few more pics to whet your whistle… enjoy!

Island Views

A view from up top on the land.

Beach Views

Through the trees to the beach.

Salt Lake

Our inland salt lake… truly spectacular stuff!

Black Sand Beach

Our black sand beach at low tide.

More on Fiji in a couple of days…

– Mark

“Man can now fly in the air like a bird, swim under the ocean like a fish, he can burrow into the ground like a mole. Now if only he could walk the earth like a man, this would be paradise.” – Tommy Douglas

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