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We offered this service “complimentary” for five months between October 2013 and March of 2014. We did this to show how the service would work, and also to develop a public track record.

During that time Brad’s options trades returned over 50%!

You can view the public track record here: We Hope You took Advantage of THIS!

The Capex Asymmetric Trader service is easily the best “value for money” trading service we have found anywhere. Right now you can join for the first month at just $7.

Unlike “marketing guys” that are really only posing as investment professionals, Brad is the real deal! Therefore we don’t offer discounted subscriptions. We don’t need to, because we’re confident you’re getting the very best product available.

After your first month $7 trial, your investment in the Capex Asymmetric Trader service will be just $147 per month thereafter. There are no annual billing arrangements. You keep the service for as long as you want, and you can cancel whenever you like.

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