A Blueprint for Investing in Frontier Markets

By: Mark Wallace Our friends at Pathfinder Capital have created an excellent report on frontier markets. These guys live and breath the frontier, putting boots on the ground where most of us wouldn’t care to visit. Both of the founders are ex-military guys who cut their teeth in places like Libya, Iraq and eastern Europe. […]

A Visit to the Libyan Stock Exchange

Our friend Kevin Virgil of Pathfinder Ventures recently discussed his trip to the Libyan Stock Exchange on his blog . I thought our readers would enjoy his observations of a true frontier market, boots-on-the-ground and all. Those with some foresight and a good bit of guts, guys like Kevin, could stand to make a fortune […]

Libya, Frontier Markets FX and “Streaming” Agriculture

We’ve written a bit herein about our friend and colleague, Kevin Virgil. Kevin is a West Point graduate, veteran of the US military and a true boots-on-the-ground frontier markets investor. He’s also a damn nice guy! You can get a bit more background by reviewing our posts: Libya – The Real Story and Why Libya. […]

Myanmar, Hillary, God & Muhammad

It must be so…customs and immigration officials upon acceptance of employment are required to sign a mandatory statutory declaration before commencing their professional duties. In my estimation this is a declaration of unquestionable sullenness, objectionability, lack of common decency and an intolerance to humour. It also involves immediate termination of respect for their…umm “customers”. Grueling […]

Why Libya? A Follow-up

Our friend Kevin Virgil is still on the ground in Libya, assessing the situation. Last week, in Libya – The Real Story we got an update from him which proved to be right on. Let’s hear what else Kevin has to say on Libya, which is a country he’s betting big on. ——– Mark: Kevin, […]

Libya – The Real Story

By now I’m sure you’ve all heard of the events that transpired last week in Libya and throughout the Muslim world. The mainstream media (MSM) would have you believe that it’s all a result of a stupid and thoughtless movie, created by some hack California producer. We’re not that dumb, and neither are our readers. […]