A Blueprint for Investing in Frontier Markets

By: Mark Wallace Our friends at Pathfinder Capital have created an excellent report on frontier markets. These guys live and breath the frontier, putting boots on the ground where most of us wouldn’t care to visit. Both of the founders are ex-military guys who cut their teeth in places like Libya, Iraq and eastern Europe. […]

The Case For Frontier Farmland

By: Scott Baker The following post ran just recently over at Pathfinder Ventures blog, an investment advisory and asset management firm focused on select Frontier Markets. Our own Scott Baker provided the dialogue.   The following content is provided courtesy of our colleague Scott.  As Scott is passionate about the case for investment in frontier […]

On the Ground in Myanmar

Chris and I took a trip to Yangon a few months back. We wrote about it here and here. While in-country we met an intrepid American chap named Billy Selig. Billy runs an outfit called New Crossroads Asia. We spent several hours discussing the country, Billy’s background and his plans for investing in the country. […]

Seeking Safety in the Frontier

Historically, Emerging and Frontier markets may have been associated with instability, volatility and a lack of certainty. However, today many emerging economies are actually less volatile than developed ones, enjoy SUBSTANTIALLY lower levels of debt and far better fiscal accounts. In fact, although Zimbabwe recently announced it had only $217 in the government checking account, […]

How to Invest in Frontier Markets

Investing in frontier markets is a challenge due to lack of liquidity and significant set-up times. One way to circumvent these problems is to Invest in other people’s expertise through a managed fund. We work hard to associate ourselves with smart individuals where we can reciprocate value. This not only gives us opportunities to put […]

Tales of a Track Record

Now that we’ve said goodbye to 2012 we thought it appropriate to reflect. Specifically, we want to go back and review the trades and speculations we picked to outperform in 2012 and beyond. Chris and I are speculators first and foremost. We trade, but we make a few longer-term investments from time-to-time as well. I […]