Month: July 2019

Pot Stock ETF’s Are Making History Repeat Itself

I’ve been thinking that at some point in the future I want to buy the snot out of pot stocks. Did I say in the future? Let me explain by taking you back to the 2000’s. Remember the mid 2000’s? Nokia was still “the bomb”, wearing bandanas was cool, and

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Jamie Keech

Ross Beaty: How to Win in the Mining Industry

Ross Beaty is one of the few true magnates of the mining world. Geologist, entrepreneur, and investor, his peers can be counted on one hand… with digits to spare. In this far reaching interview, we discuss how Ross has managed to carve out one of the biggest careers in natural resources history.

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Financial Markets
Chris MacIntosh

As Gold Nudges Higher – What Michael Burry Predicted

When Michael Burry saw the impending housing crisis looming large, he went out and bought credit default swaps on subprime mortgages. What did he know that the broad market didn’t? He knew the structure of the housing market better than most because he did the homework. He dug through the

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