Month: January 2020

Wars have Been Fought over Less

When I first visited Asia nearly 2 decades ago I felt like a giant….still do. Here’s why…even though this chart is 10 years old my guess is it’s not changed a great deal. The other thing I remember is that if I’d been to the gym that day, after a

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Sex, Drugs & Reality Distortion

It’s 1972, the US is withdrawing from Vietnam and the Godfather has just been released.  A Reed College dropout is on his way to meet a new student at his dorm-room to sell him a typewriter.  After knocking on the buyer’s door, eager to get the deal done, he tries

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General Investing
Chris MacIntosh

Simple Not Easy

I haven’t been sick in over three years. Nothing, not a sniffle, not a cough – nada. Strong as an ox I tell my wife. And so, naturally, I am immune from anything dodgy. The terminator of sickness if you will. Except I wasn’t two weeks ago. God only knows

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