Month: February 2020

Jamie Keech

Frank Giustra & The Art of Curiosity

“I don’t like giving advice to the younger generation, because I never took advice. I didn’t listen to anybody. I marched to my own drum, and it worked. Had I listened to what the older, more established people were saying to me, and suggesting that I do, I would have

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Coronavirus. Listen in to what the professionals are doing

Chris MacIntosh, Brad McFadden principal at Glenorchy Capital and co-editor of Insider at capitalist exploits, Harris (Kuppy) Kupperman from Praetorian Capital, Mike Alkin and his lead analyst Tim Chilleri from Sachem Cove partners, and last but certainly not least, Tim Staermose author of the 4th Pillar at Sovereignman take you through our thoughts on the likely outcomes of Covid-19.

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Lost Spanish Silver

Vizsla Resources (TSXV, VZLA: $0.66) Resource Insider members (myself included) invested in Vizsla late last year in the $0.40 private placement offering. Vizsla Resources is focused on consolidating and developing silver assets in Sinaloa, Mexico. District Potential  The team, led by CEO Mike Konnert, has consolidated a major silver producing

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Financial Markets
Chris MacIntosh

When Trust Evaporates

I thought I’d compare the current Wuhan zombie apocalypse bat virus to that of SARS and see what is similar this time around…and what is not. Now, I’m not going to get into which virus wins the “I killed more faster”, (thus far, it was SARS with a fatality rate

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