Month: June 2020

Jamie Keech

The Golden Gun

Going shooting wasn’t my idea. I’d been working around the clock closing a deal and it was a good excuse to get out of town for a couple of days. A friend of mine, an executive at a billion-dollar gold company, invited me to a gun range near his log

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Chris MacIntosh

A Giant Bubble in Nonsense

That’s what Eric Weinstein calls it. To be more accurate: “We are in the middle of a giant bubble of nonsense that is 50 years in the making in my estimation” Speaking of nonsense I’ve previously discussed the ESG movement on this site. ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance.

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Between a Rock and a Hard Place

This is where Trump finds himself today. To send in the troops or not. Let’s back up a bit first to see why this is such a conundrum. The first thing that I note is the fact that the most pervasive rioting and lawlessness is overwhelmingly in the states “governed”

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