Year: 2021

Petroleum was most used energy source in 2020
CapEx Team

Going Green? Not So Fast! – OWTW

♻️  GOING GREEN? NOT SO FAST! People with experience in politics and none in business tell us oil and gas and coal are energy sources of the yesteryear and we’re instead “going green.“ Not to be a wet blanket, but here’s where our energy currently comes from: We’re being told those

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Risk, Loss, And The Butcher Of Prague

In this line of work I have been fortunate to meet some of the most interesting and intelligent folks to walk this planet. One such gent I’ve more recently had the pleasure of speaking with on a regular basis is the extraordinarily eloquent mind of Tim Price of Price Value

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Trent Barnes

Ether: The Triple Point Asset

Private investment firm Zerocap explores ethereum’s triple value as a commodity, yield-bearing capital asset and store of value

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Global Trends
Chris MacIntosh

A Forecast For the Next Decade

In this post we examine the social and economic trends shaping the the next decade or even century. Buckle up, because this one is going to get bumpy.

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