A Rebuttal to Klaus Schwab’s Article on the Covid-19 Crisis

Thought for the day: Totalitarians never view themselves as totalitarian. Utopians believe fervently that what they are forcing upon others is for their own good.

Such is the content of this article.

If you’ve not heard of the World Economic Forum, I’d urge you to pay extremely close attention because they’ve been driving much of the mayhem you’ve experienced this year.

Klaus Schwab, who is the founder of the World Economic Forum, and Thierry Malleret featured an article accompanying the launch of a co-authored book entitled “COVID-19: The Great Reset”.

The following is a rebuttal to Klaus, and all technocrats like him.

Original text in black. My input in red.

Already, in barely six months, the COVID-19 pandemic has plunged our world in its entirety — and each of us individually — into the most challenging times we’ve faced in generations.

Incorrect. The virus is simply a virus, similar to other viruses that humans have overcome throughout our history as a species. Indeed, here are the CDC’s numbers themselves so that we may put things into context.

Survival rates by age group:

  • 0-19: 99.997%
  • 20-49: 99.98%
  • 50-69: 99.5%
  • 70+: 94.6%

It was Klaus, our governments and institutions that have plunged the world into “the most challenging times we’ve faced”, through their idiotic draconian tyrannical policies that have been forced upon the world with zero room for debate. Highly credentialed professionals (see the Great Barrington declaration) across the world are simply censored when pointing out the madness.

It is a defining moment — we will be dealing with its fallout for years, and many things will change forever. It has wrought (and will continue to do so) economic disruption of monumental proportions, creating risk and volatility on multiple fronts — political, social, geopolitical — while exacerbating deep concerns about the environment and also extending the reach of technology into our lives.

On this we agree. We will indeed be dealing with the fallout for years. And yes, the economic disruption is of monumental proportions. Take, for instance, suicides, Klaus, which in Japan are now 8.5X the number of deaths from covid. At this point those officials still locking down, since we know the virus is nothing more than a bad flu should be summarily fired and brought to justice for crimes against humanity.

At this point it would be worth listening to Dr Roger Hodkinson, the ex-president of the pathology section of the Medical Association and formerly certified by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada as a general pathologist in 1976 and a Royal College Fellow. Here is Dr Roger Hodkinson addressing the Edmonton City Council Community and Public Services Committee meeting on Nov. 13 about the city’s move to extend its face-covering bylaw.

Moving right along to your statement Klaus of “concerns about the environment”. Is it not time you simply dropped the mask and revealed that yes, this is what it was all about from the get go. Agenda 2030, after all, was conceived before the manufactured pandemic. One would have thought that after Al Gore’s ridiculous and demonstrably false “Inconvenient Truth”, the junk science behind “anthropogenic global warming” would have deservedly been ridiculed and discarded on the trash heap of history. But instead it’s been re-birthed as a mask to implementing Communism 3.0. under the guise of “the Great Reset”. We see through you.

No industry or business will avoid the impact of these changes. Millions of companies risk falling behind, and many industries face an uncertain future; a few will thrive.

Those that have thrived are unsurprisingly the very same clutch of folks that are your buddies from Davos. Enormous corporations that benefit from the tyrannical lockdowns. It comes as no surprise that Bezos’ Amazon, Zuckerberg’s Facebook and Dorsey’s Twitter have all sucked up more power, influence, and market share while SMEs have been squashed by — again — policy and not the virus. Amazingly you’ve the gall to talk about equality while ensuring all of this takes place. And then there’s your buddy, Bill.

On an individual basis, for many, life as they’ve always known it is unraveling at alarming speed. This said, acute crises favor introspection and foster the potential for transformation.

The only thing we can transform, without unintended consequences, is ourselves. Nature does the rest. This is because the world is complex, far more complex than anyone — certainly you — can imagine. And in believing “we” (which we know means you and your fellow accomplices complicit in this crime) can transform it implies a belief you’ve a handle on the infinite amount of data points each second that occur in the world and furthermore how each of those data points may react to any change in any other data points. In short, you’ve the same misguided belief that centralised planning works. It doesn’t.

This “opportunity” is manufactured to amass enormous attention and force feed your Marxist neo-feudal agenda of reshaping the world in a centralised approach. It is worth noting at this point that EVERY single time mankind has embarked on “reshaping the world” to meet the objectives of a small group of intolerant people it has ended in genocide. Every. Single. Time.

Systematic Connectivity

A new world could emerge, the contours of which it is incumbent on us to reimagine and redraw.

There you go again with this notion that you and your out of touch friends know what is required for the rest of us.

The sudden and violent nature of the shock the pandemic is inflicting can make the scale of this challenge seem overwhelming.

Yes, you’re quite correct on the violent shock to society. As my friend Doug Casey remarked, “Masks, social distancing, lockdowns, and non-gathering are doing immense damage to society at every level—health-wise, socially, and financially. This nonsense is rupturing the social fabric everywhere. That’s extremely dangerous.”

This impression is due in no small measure to the fact that in today’s interdependent and hyper-connected world risks amplify each other: Individual risks or issues harbor the potential to create ricochet effects by provoking others (like unemployment potentially fuelling social unrest and impoverishment triggering involuntary mass migration).

“Unemployment potentially fuelling social unrest…” Really? “Involuntary mass migration” is all due to policy, especially that of the EU, whether it be to create social justice or creating conflict. So far, all the trouble you refer to has been created by policy makers and influencers, not the average Joe. And here you are telling us to put our faith in — deep breath — policy makers.

The defining feature of today’s world is systemic connectivity: In such a world, silo-doing and silo-thinking have no place because risks converge. All the macro issues that exert direct and daily impacts on our societies, the global economy, geopolitics, the environment and technology do not evolve in a linear fashion.

If by “systematic connectivity” you mean the organised effort by the WEF, the world’s central banks, and the world’s governments to abandon sovereignty and cater to protecting international interests of a small elite, then sure. Surely, if you’re against “silo thinking,” censoring dissenting voices via the mainstream media and social media would be something you’d be dead against. In the immortal words of Homer Simpson, “Lord help me, I’m just not that bright.”

They play out as complex adaptive systems, and as such, share a fundamental attribute: susceptibility to matters cascading out of control and in so doing producing extreme consequences that often come as a surprise. COVID-19 has already given us a foretaste of this phenomenon.

Translation: Globalists have implemented policies they do not understand, cannot pay for, and cannot control. A fake pandemic is now being used as the catalyst to wipe the slate clean and steal all the assets and subjugate the world to full technocratic control.

Examining Fault Lines

To a considerable extent, occurrences as different as the sharp and dramatic rise in unemployment (an economic risk), the global wave of social unrest unleashed by the Black Lives Matter protests (a societal issue) and the growing fracture between China and the U.S. (a geopolitical risk) wouldn’t have taken place without the pandemic. At the very least, coronavirus exacerbated those trends.

Those more cynical among us might call that a coincidence. Rise in unemployment is because the government made it illegal to work, which our captured media justified by terrifying people. Global wave of social unrest was fueled by Marxist fanatics (see here). And fracture between US and China is a natural result of their economic relationship and the struggle for world supremacy.

The concurrence and severity of these fault lines mean that we are now at a critical juncture: The potential for change is unlimited and bound only by our imagination — for better or for worse.

Whose imagination, Klaus? Normal people don’t feel as though they have the right to dictate how the world should be run.

Societies could be poised to become either more equitable or the opposite; geared toward more solidarity or greater individualism; favoring the interests of the few or looking to the needs of the many; economies, when they recover, could be characterized by greater inclusivity and more attuned to our global connection, or they could simply return to business as usual — now revealed to be (in so many ways) an untenable status quo.

As I mentioned in a special report (What Happens Next) on the growing cancer in society, it is individualism which is the hallmark of a free society.

This is the fundamental question upon which the success of the Great Reset depends. The scope of change required is immense, ranging from elaborating a new social contract to forging improved international collaboration. Immense but far from insurmountable, as the case for smart investment in the environment shows.

Getting It Right

Build Back Better has been adopted by leaders all around the world.

One way to invest smartly is to embed climate and environmental resilience into stimulus packages and recovery programs.

The immediate post-crisis period offers a small window to build back better by not wasting the $10 trillion that governments around the world are investing to alleviate the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is evident that”Build back Better” is more about destroying Western democracy and individual human rights than it is about building anything other than a complete hell on earth.

A recent policy paper to which the World Economic Forum contributed estimates that building a nature-positive economy could represent more than $10 trillion per year by 2030 — in terms of new economic opportunities, as well as avoided economic costs.

In the short term, deploying around $250 billion of stimulus funding could generate up to 37 million nature-positive jobs in a highly cost-effective manner. We should not view resetting the environment as a cost but rather an investment that will generate economic activity and employment opportunities.

The ultimate price that will be paid here will be measured in human lives lost and contrary to what your “think tanks” say a degradation of the world environment. I will invite you to read my banned article on Greenwashing where I lay bare the absurdities that your think tanks purposefully ignore.

We must get the Great Reset right. The challenges before us could be more consequential than ever imagined, but our capacity to reset could also be greater than we had previously hoped.

I think, Klaus, at this point I’m going to simply leave you with the great words of Thomas Sowell,

“It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong.”

And now I’ll leave you with some quotes upon which to reflect.

“The theory of Communists may be summed up in the single sentence: Abolition of private property.” 
– Karl Marx

“You’ll own nothing, and you’ll be happy”
– World Economic Forum

And let’s not forget…

“The last capitalist we hang shall be the one who sold us the rope.”
– Karl Marx 


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2 years ago

Great article as always!

This whole Great Reset is madness, and I salute you for calling it out for what it really is!


2 years ago

I couldn’t share your article on FB (no surprise there). The message that came up was that it was
“abusive”. Please write an article on why we all need to leave FB and what the best replacement plans are :). Thanks.

2 years ago

Yes, good article but there is soooo much more to this. This goes back thousands of years and the Occult= The Hidden Knowledge. This is heading towards a nightmare- all planned and orchestrated.

Peter S.
Peter S.
2 years ago

Since these psychopaths appear to be winning for the moment, I will double down on my investment in ETH and DeFi. And double down in my attempt to influence and educate friends and family over the coming holidays..

Take away their “money”, kill the beast.

2 years ago

Masterpiece. Chris, you’re brilliant. In a world that edges toward darkness, and lost freedom, you’re blog posts serve as a ray of light. For the time being, I’m able to read what you write on my computer, and respond on my keyboard, if these crazed loonies and media-indulging masochists have their way, it’ll soon be our computer and keyboard. Yourself and Mr. Gammon have entertained, educated, and guided me more than the 100 or so Marxist indoctrination facility employees, ever have. Some people call them teachers and professors, I prefer the former. Anyways, please keep up the fantastic work. Please.

2 years ago

The (covid-hysteric) communists and the (communist) covid-hysterics seem to be on a collision course: if private property is banned, how will we avoid sharing cutlery?

2 years ago

This is just fantastic. Thank you, Chris, for taking the time to so skillfully respond to each of the major points of the global Marxist agenda they are framing as a benign reset. As much I would love to share this with everyone, it’s been flagged “abusive.” It really does feel like we’re losing, unfortunately. Still, I believe more and more people are waking up. I just hope it’s not too late.

M. Velasco
2 years ago

In Brief, what we need are:
1.Our own geographical Place and it must be such that little or no “Importations” will be needed.
2.Our own Inventors and Re-Inventors of suppressed Inventions. And those of a military Application never to be shared.
3.Our Land to be as is, I think, Switzerland and how “our” Country was meant to be but curiously was never implemented: Where all Men and even Women are fully and continually trained in the Use of Firearms.
4.That ALL public Officials be required to pass 100% Proficiency in the Constitution For what was the “U.S. of A”. That that supreme Law be always fully taught in all Schools and by all Means of Transmittal. And that the only free Books would be Copies of founding Documents in Book Form, Law Dictionaries, and the KJV of the Bible.
5.A Uni-racial Country (codified by irrevocable Law) not of the Remnants of Crimes of Centuries ago that resulted in their Presence.Any of our own who later do not want to remain among us are free to go but must never come back. There is no Compulsion. The first and foremost of these unwanted are the evil jews. Send them all to Birobidjan!!
6.We do NOT need nor want THAT Kind of “Diversity”!!. Our Europe, left unmolested has more than enough genuine Diversity to satisfy!!
7.We need any and all true Members of our Militaries to join us of all Ranks.
8.We need to be able to reach into outer Space with Proximity Rockets etc to protect at the Minimum our Airspace from the Criminals’ Control of such Things as DEWs.
9.We need to build and emphasise the best of European and European-derived high Culture.
10.We need to 9-11 pulverise the one square Mile “City of London” and all of its evil Tentacles in Switzerland, NY and elsewhere simultaneously!! No Armies, no meaningful Deaths, no meaningful Destruction!! THAT would instantly pull the Devils down all over the Planet. Someone in the not too distant Past could have done that but for some unknown Reason failed to do so. Had it been done, all of that Evil would not have happened and either Madagascar or Stalin’s Birobidjan would now be populated by only the Devils!! To the same Place I would send all OF OUR OWN Bastards who have always been Part of the Conspiracy against us and eventually the Rest of the World-Races.
We do not NEED their “financial System”!!! The Disruption would be minimal compared to what the Demons have done to us repeatedly!! I hope that you agree. I also hope that my Comment is not deleted or “Shadow-banned”.
I trust no one. I merely risk.

Ben Steinke
Ben Steinke
2 years ago
Reply to  M. Velasco

The KJV? Oh brother, tell me you’re not one of those KJV-only folks who believe—without evidence—that it’s the “only accurate version” supposedly “authorized by God”. I could give you reams of evidence showing this not to be true. I think there are far more important things to be concerned about than whose Bible is “the best”.

Don A.
Don A.
2 years ago

Superb point-by-point exposé of a modern trojan horse… Thank you for revealing to everyone (particularly those unfamiliar with the project) the deficiencies in the emperor’s wardrobe.

John Bardacino
2 years ago

@Chris: Unsurprisingly…Facebook does not allow posting the link to this article in any comments…I found this out when I tried to post it. Desperately trying to get my family & friends off of Fakebook, as long as they are on there I try to post articles about reality, most of them are either shadow banned or outright disallowed and deleted by FB…

2 years ago

I found your piece on Zero Hedge.
I uploaded your article and citations to my website.
Keep making people more aware.

Jason T Powers
2 years ago

We are still doing the crazy dance…
Some are resisting though…tired of being frogs.

2 years ago

Great article! Thanks! But this great reset psycho elite crapola has been going on throughout history…the criminal psycho elites can’t help themselves…

Argo Võigemast
Argo Võigemast
2 years ago

“dna covid-19 vaccines should give us extreme control over population worldwide – bill gates”

Is this a concrete quote from what Bill Gates has expressed? If yes, please refer to source, because it is kind of important.

Or is it an improvisation?

2 years ago

God bless you brother. What a great article!

2 years ago

CDC just announced 96% of covid deaths really aren’t.

But of course, no MSM will let you know this. Nor any politician. Just watched el Presidente El Foldo talk about the ‘China Virus’ and other crap, leading up to, I guess, him folding (as I expected. Would love to be surprised, but he ain’t a warrior).

John Copp
John Copp
2 years ago

Great article. When I tried to share it on FB, I saw this: “Your message couldn’t be sent because it includes content that other people on Facebook have reported as abusive.” It would be interesting to know who these ‘other people’ are. In any case, it’s important to remember that Klaus Schwab grew up in Hitler’s Germany and absorbed all the key values in vogue at that time. He is the most dangerous political presence since the arm-waving, histrionic guy with the moustache.

Simon Gerald
Simon Gerald
2 years ago

You are definitely a great stock picker and an excellent macro investor. 
But your interpretation of certain social movements and the hidden agendas of a reptilian elite make me believe that probably you believe aliens build the pyramids, Apollo never land on the moon and Trump was sent by God (the Christian, of course) to save all of us from communism. 
You seem to be such an intelligent person, so please, don’t drink the Kool-Aid.

2 years ago






1 year ago

Cyber attack next