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How To Achieve Bold Goals And Work With Your Heroes

The more times people put themselves in a position of being uncomfortable, the stronger they become. Brian Paes-Braga is a partner at the Fiore Group, a private investment firm with interests in the mining, technology, entertainment, and beverage industries. Brian has been involved in a host of entrepreneurial, and philanthropic

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Resource Insider Monthly: Blood In The Streets

Greetings Resource Insider (RI) members, and welcome to the first of what will now be regular RI monthly reports. The purpose of this is threefold: Provide you with regular updates on the RI portfolio companies including details on what they’re up to, how we interpret results/progress/delays/etc, and how we’re managing

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So, You Want To Finance Your Exploration Company?

Every week at Resource Insider we get dozens of “pitch” emails and phone calls. These come from CEOs, prospectors, IR guys, and more often than not a guy that knows a guy that’s got a great project. This is a good thing. I started the Resource Insider subscription service so

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Hunting For The World’s Next Great Copper Mine

My background is very technical, very research orientated and very pragmatic. The Tethyan belt was literally a no brainer, Eastern Europe was not a high-risk jurisdiction. Teo Dechev is the President & CEO of Mundoro Capital, a Canadian mineral exploration company focused on copper discovery in Eastern Europe’s Tethyan Belt.

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How You Got Screwed This Week: Volume

It’s hard to think of a sector more opaque or littered with shady characters than the mining industry. Imperfect information leads to speculation, and speculation allows ample opportunity for creative interpretations (read:bullshit). This means that there is ample opportunity for investors to get screwed over by both the incompetent and

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Field Report: Millennial Lithium

 If you’re reading this article, it means you probably have at least a passing interest in the mining and metals space. You may even be an investor, or were at one point, until your portfolio was decimated by falling metal prices, absurd value destroying M&A transactions, and an endless

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