Beware of Gisele’s Bottom!


Chris joined Ladislas Maurice from the Wandering Investor on his podcast recently. Here’s a few topics Chris and Ladislas discuss:

  • Why the greatest risk most investors are faced with today has nothing to do with the pointy shoes at central banks, Putin, or some such.
  • It’s no secret that we’ve been extraordinarily bearish on bonds. But at some point we’ll probably start buying them for our portfolios. Chris explains what will need to happen in the macro world before we’re ready to do that.
  • Investment opportunities in energy and the best way to make asymmetric returns in a bull market in energy (such as right now).
  • The importance of proper position sizing in today’s “batisht” crazy market (yes, even if you have balls of steel!) 
  • And much more.

Listen to the entire conversation here.


Yes, we’re 100% serious. Keep an eye on Gisele Bündchen or else she could lead you over the cliff, financially speaking.

You might be laughing, but it’s happened before. First, it was the euro in 2007…

Within weeks of Gisele turning her back on the dollar, the greenback bottomed (no pun intended).

And it wasn’t even the last time Gisele nailed a major turning point in the markets.

It happened again in June 2021.

You might remember this as a time when Gisele, Brady and other celebrity show ponies were paraded in front of the adoring sheeple, prepping them for the inevitable slaughter.

And lest you think it’s only FTX, this was indicative of the entire “growth” sector.

The takeaway from all this is this: when you see celebrities (or indeed any show ponies) being paraded out, realise they are there to sell you something. It may not be the top in the market, but it sure ain’t the bottom.

Gisele would be better off showing off her bottom while getting a subscription to a decent investment newsletter or something. Just a thought, ya know. If you know her, then you know where to point her.

Also, next time you see folks who know sweet f**k all about a particular industry promoting it (and it will happen)… well, you know to view them with the sort of suspicion we keep for politicians with shiny teeth and big smiles.


Feels like a lifetime ago, when — back in February 2020 — we started warning that lockdowns will bring about inflation and shortages. Fast forward to today, and this pesky stuff is now part of our daily lives. We recently set up a dedicated inflation channel in our Insider private forum, where members can share their own experiences with all things “transitory”.

You might’ve heard egg prices going berserk — if you can get them at all. Member Anissa shared this from a supermarket in Tikipunga, New Zealand.

Another member, Russ, chimed in with a report from Minnesota, USA:

Eggs in Minnesota are fluctuating between 3 to 4 times what they were 2 years ago. This week, $5 a dozen for large eggs. 3 years ago, they were regularly running around $.85.

So, there you have it…


We briefly touched on the importance of proper position sizing earlier…

Recently, we came across this fascinating (and rather inspiring) piece about how the Chandler brothers turned $10 million into $5 billion over the course of two decades.

However, after reading the article, ask yourself: was this genius or a case of survivorship bias? The Chandler brothers took big risks and pulled it off. But what was their risk of ruin?

By all means, take risks. Have a go. But make sure that your investments aren’t concentrated enough to face the risk of ruin.


With Valentine’s day just around the corner, here’s an idea (courtesy of Insider member Anissa)…

Have a great start to the new week!


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