BQP 052: Tracy Shuchart

Welcome back to the Big Question Podcast, where Chris MacIntosh interviews sharp minds from the world of investing, business and beyond. This week’s guest is oil analyst Tracy Shuchart, who joins Chris for a conversation about energy and commodities.

Tracy is an oil analyst by trade, but her independent thought and fearlessness of digging into the world of macro economics and politics makes her unconventional and special. Timestamps below.




  • 1:41 Energy – the most important sector
  • 5:13 The basket case that is Europe
  • 9:20 Planned crisis, pure stupidity, or both?
  • 11:54 Shale, funding & the impact of ESG
  • 17:16 Thoughts on base metals
  • 25:17 Effects on food production
  • 33:46 Inflation or deflation?
  • 36:30 What Tracy is monitoring


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  1. Augenia

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