Brent Johnson of Santiago Capital On The “Shiny Stuff”

Today I bring you a conversation with Brent Johnson of Santiago Capital.

It’s a timely discussion given the chart below where you’ll see how gold has broken both the 3-year as well as the 5-year trend.

We discuss the barbaric relic any sane investor should own. Brent also goes into detail as to why it’s not helicopters that Central banks will need but rather a fleet of Hindenburgs when the next debt implosion crisis hits.

We cover how both the dollar and gold can outperform strongly in the unfolding environment of global uncertainty, European bank failures, and a continued unwinding of the USD carry trade, which I’ve detailed at length in these pages.

Though neither Brent nor I are willing to place money on it, Brent shared with me a very interesting situation on how US equity and real estate markets could actually perform strongly. As investors, it’s extremely valuable considering multiple options and probabilities.

Enjoy and please spread the love by sending this to all your friends and enemies alike.

– Chris

“Buy gold if you believe in math.” – Brent Johnson, CEO of Santiago Capital


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