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Did Someone Say Deleveraging?

For reference I should mention that I recently wrote about debt in a post titled Debt Chart Porn, and we are about to mail out our comprehensive debt report to our registered readers. All of this has led me to thinking a lot about debt and the state of the world

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Debt Chart Porn

Like a bad case of hemorrhoids, debt is a topic too often left out of polite conversation. It’s a good thing then that you don’t come here for polite conversation! It is a topic previously written about in these pages and one which has the power to keep me awake

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3 Reasons Apple Should Run

It’s a massive waste of time. I told Mark so but he wouldn’t listen; he still sat down to watch the elections taking place in New Zealand, his new found homeland. No matter where you’re located in the world, if you watch TV – which I don’t – then you’re

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