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King Coal – Driving Indonesia’s Economy

In June of last year our colleague Scott caught up with Ranjeet Sundher, CEO of Challenger Deep Resources (CDE:TSX-V), a company focused on coal development and production in Indonesia. Whilst in Singapore he penned a summary of their conversation, Conquering the Indonesian (and Mongolian) Frontier. Scott sat down again with

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Beer… It’s Not Just for Breakfast!

It’s one of the world’s oldest beverages. Brewed by the average man to stave off waterborne disease in the Dark Ages and peddled by European monasteries, today beer is a $104 Billion dollar industry comprised of many thousands of breweries, ranging from commercial to backyard. We know beer is a

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Talking Turkey With Chris Mayer

Turkey holds many fond memories for me. It was a country I first travelled to on a whim, after watching Midnight Express. The film is based on the true story of a young American student sentenced to spend 30 years in a Turkish prison for smuggling hashish out of Turkey.

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