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Term Sheet Template And Open Source For Entrepreneurs

A quick follow-up to my latest views on medical care in the “3rd World” from the surgical wards of Thailand. Some months ago while spending time in New Zealand, I had inquired about some minor elective surgery. I was quoted a whopping NZD$1,000 for what amounts to a 15-minute operation.

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Importance Of Management in Every Business Organization

This site is all about interaction with our readers, so we loved it when Djamel asked the following question in response to this post. “Hi, I would like to say that this was a great article – I appreciate the time and effort that goes into writing informative articles for

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An Urgent Appeal

In the spirit of a little light-hearted capitalist banter, and hoping we don’t offend too many of you, I offer the following dispatch.  As I am a capitalist with a bit of a “dark humor” streak, I will offer up the following business opportunity to anyone interested… For those of you

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