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Pay Attention to Your Customer Needs

By: Gordon McWilliam Several months ago my wife and I were looking to purchase a new car. We were having a difficult time figuring out what to buy, as there was nothing we lusted after as had been the case in previous years. As a result, we visited a number

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It’s So Simple and Yet…

I have, for the past several weeks, had the occasion to purchase some outdoor plants for a landscaping job I am having done. In some cases a visit to a general retailer has been sufficient for my needs, but there are a number of less common plants that required a

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Working In the Business and Not On the Business

By: Gordon McWilliam There are consequences… In 1986 Michael Gerber wrote about the need for business owners to “Work on their business, not in their business” if they wanted to be successful. How right he was. Over the years Chris Steely and I have worked with hundreds of businesses and

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