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Kiyan Zandiyeh Of Sturgeon Capital

Kiyan Zandiyeh is the portfolio manager for the Sturgeon Capital Iran Fund. A protege of Nouriel Roubini with an Iranian heritage, he’s a particularly sharp investor whose perspective I think you’ll find worthwhile. Iran And Its’ Largest Hydrocarbon Reserves Some background first… Iran boasts the largest hydrocarbon reserves in the world

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An Entrepreneur Talks Iran

I chatted with Mahdi Kazemzadeh who was recently introduced to me by a mutual friend. Mahdi is the founder and managing director of Afraz Advisers, a firm providing analytical tools and data services on the Iranian oil and gas industry. Their clients are international companies navigating the Iranian oil and gas industry as well

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Iraq: What You Haven’t Been Told

When most of us think of Iraq we picture burning oil fields, sand, blown-up buildings, sand, machine gun-toting jihadists, sand, helicopter gunships, sand, Humvees, mosques, and well… sand. We know that George and Tony told us the war is over and that was ages ago so it must be true.

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