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Unknown Capital Episode 3
Jamie Keech

Treasure in the Golden Triangle

At Resource Insider we are long Scottie Resources, an exploration company focused on gold and silver assets in British Columbia. Scottie owns the past-producing Scottie Gold Mine and a large, highly prospective exploration package in BC’s prolific Golden Triangle.

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Sex, Drugs & Reality Distortion

It’s 1972, the US is withdrawing from Vietnam and the Godfather has just been released.  A Reed College dropout is on his way to meet a new student at his dorm-room to sell him a typewriter.  After knocking on the buyer’s door, eager to get the deal done, he tries

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Resource Insider Monthly: Deal Time!

Introduction PDAC 2019 is over. I’ve been back in Vancouver for a few weeks, most of which has been spent sorting through gathered information, reviewing & cataloguing deals, and following up with new contacts. February was a busy one, with more time spent in an airplane, and a meeting room

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Resource Insider Monthly: Blood In The Streets

Greetings Resource Insider (RI) members, and welcome to the first of what will now be regular RI monthly reports. The purpose of this is threefold: Provide you with regular updates on the RI portfolio companies including details on what they’re up to, how we interpret results/progress/delays/etc, and how we’re managing

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