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Watch Out for Your Eyeballs!

I’m going to paraphrase a conversation I had recently with a Venture Capitalist whose focus is on the tech industry: Me: “Eyeballs, that’s what founders are telling me. How will this company monetize them?” VC: “Don’t know, they haven’t figured that out yet.” Me: “Right. Then how do you come

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Chris MacIntosh

The Ugly Truth about Diamonds Monopoly

The word monopoly has its roots in the Greek words monos (single) and polein (to sell). It first appeared in Aristotle’s Politics, where Aristotle describes how in Greece in the 6th century BC the philosopher Thales of Miletus cornered the local olive press market: Thales, so the story goes, because

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Pay Attention to Your Customer Needs

By: Gordon McWilliam Several months ago my wife and I were looking to purchase a new car. We were having a difficult time figuring out what to buy, as there was nothing we lusted after as had been the case in previous years. As a result, we visited a number

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