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Chris MacIntosh

The Coming Financial Disruption

Get ready for an entirely new structure whereby every value component of a business is tied to an outcome via smart contracts, and, instead of “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need” as that lunatic Marx wanted, we will have “from each according to his contribution”

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Watch Out for Your Eyeballs!

I’m going to paraphrase a conversation I had recently with a Venture Capitalist whose focus is on the tech industry: Me: “Eyeballs, that’s what founders are telling me. How will this company monetize them?” VC: “Don’t know, they haven’t figured that out yet.” Me: “Right. Then how do you come

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Replace These People with an App Already

I spent a recent weekend looking at some real estate. It used to be a favourite way for me to spend time and I realized how much I really miss it. I was reminded of how 99% of real estate agents are completely useless. No, I mean not just incompetent

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3 Reasons Apple Should Run

It’s a massive waste of time. I told Mark so but he wouldn’t listen; he still sat down to watch the elections taking place in New Zealand, his new found homeland. No matter where you’re located in the world, if you watch TV – which I don’t – then you’re

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Coffee Mugs, Human Organs, and AK-47s

In a post entitled “The Future of Manufacturing” we pontificated on one of the technologies which our team and network had been encountering around the world. What we were seeing with 3D printing we believed was changing our world. Naturally, as investors we found an interest in the technology, even

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A Bull Market in PR

The World Cup is on. I sat and watched a game on the weekend with my son. “Dad, that guy completely faked that fall. Couldn’t the ref see that?” My son, who watches precious little television noticed immediately how many of the players were pretending to be hurt at the

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