Centralization vs. Decentralization

While the 20th century unequivocally belonged to the centralization of resources and capital, both human and monetary, we are now undergoing a shift of seismic proportions in the 21st century. And understanding this is so utterly crucial to your personal wealth.

The issue of decentralization is one of the most important discussions of our time. It is being thrust upon individuals, corporates and governments alike as waves of capital shift at increasing speed.

And as a side effect, this is also creating an ever increasing gap between those who fail to understand how, why and from where this new inexplicably threat comes from to the few who understand and are taking advantage of it usurping old systems and in the process creating wealth.

In some instances this is life changing wealth. Just consider the most valuable companies in the world today and what makes them valuable.

(It’s not in fixed assets such as infrastructure, mines, railroads or the like.)

Shockingly, decentralization is an issue which gets less attention than a nipple slip from one of the Kardashians or some such celebrity who, as far as I can tell, is famous for being famous. This is how the world has always worked, proving Pareto’s law with the repetition of a Swiss clock. Incidentally this allows for the few who understand the forces in motion to prepare, and prosper well ahead of the masses.

Make no mistake: decentralization is changing the playing field as I pen this to you.

Think about it for a moment… everything from politics down to personal lifestyle choices is affected. And while possibly not immediately obvious to the casual observer, even the recent Apple versus FBI fight is an issue of centralization vs. decentralization.

So, with all that in mind, I recently caught up with our friend Paul Rosenberg.

Paul is not only the founder of Cryptohippie but he is an adventure capitalist and a man who knows a heck of a lot about a lot of things. That is actually an understatement since his experience run the gamut from philosophy, theology, history, psychology, and even physics. He has also written several books and has just published his new book The Breaking Dawn, which has been compared to Atlas Shrugged for a new generation.

Paul was one of the speakers at our event two years ago in Aspen where he left us all with a presentation which I know sparked at least one “a-ha moment” from each person present in the room.

The world belongs to those who take action and Paul is a remarkable example of this.

To get an insight into the richness of Paul’s ideas and depth of his viewpoints, I invite you to tune in to the recording of the aforementioned conversation I had with Paul a few weeks ago. I think you’ll find it insightful.

Pretty powerful, right?

I think we can agree there’s a seismic global trend underway here. As mentioned the 20th century was about centralization, but the 21st century will be all about decentralization. As investors, there are some very compelling ways to ride that wave.

I’m curious to hear where you stand on this. And, more importantly, have you considered how this will affect your life and your investment portfolio?

– Chris

“How can you govern a country which has 246 varieties of cheese?” – Charles de Gaulle


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