Hat tip to my buddy John Winsell Davies for sharing this with me.

The China H-shares index is now trading at levels last seen in the immediate aftermath of Lehman in Q4 2008.

There are a lot of companies that have been thrown out of the bath with the water.

What triggered this selling could have been threats that the West would sanction China since they’re trading with Russia. Then there is the Evergrande collapse causing concerns as well. All of these are material risks and potentially justified. What isn’t justified are the sell offs in good companies, but then that’s the way things go, isn’t it?

I must admit we hadn’t anticipated the West being as aggressive on sanctions against very powerful countries, bringing with them heightened risks of war. War with any of these countries (Russia, India, and China) are NOT at all akin to sanctioning some poor insignificant third world non-nuclear armed countries.

That we’ve moved to where we are so blindingly fast is breathtaking and should not be taken lightly.

There will be some fantastic bargains in HK listed stocks. We’ll be scouring these… and other markets as always and presenting our thoughts in the Big Five each week.


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