Coronavirus. Listen in to what the professionals are doing

If God wanted to play Call of Duty he’d use a playstation.

But Amazon doesn’t deliver to heaven (I checked) so instead it’s no surprise when we get Ebola, Zika and now Caronavirus or Covid-19 as it’s now affectionately called.

It’s what I’d do if I was bored and these pesky little ishts down there were getting all uppity. I’d toss something like that into the mix… just to spice it up a bit.

Thing is I don’t know where this bastard of a virus came from.

And more importantly it probably doesn’t matter.

God’s toolbox, a Wuhan bio lab, a CIA lab, a bat. Knowing where it came from isn’t going to help me protect my capital or figure out what the reaction will likely be in various markets. It’s not going to help me figure out which currencies benefit, what interest rates will do or any of the stuff that actually matters to me right now.

No… for that you’re better off thinking it through, preferably with some very sharp people. So that’s what I did. And – you’re gonna like this – I recorded it for you.

On this call, myself, Brad McFadden principal at Glenorchy Capital and co-editor of the Insider at capitalist exploits, Harris (Kuppy) Kupperman from Praetorian Capital, Mike Alkin and his lead analyst Tim Chilleri from Sachem Cove partners, and last but certainly not least, Tim Staermose author of the 4th Pillar at Sovereignman take you through our thoughts on the likely outcomes of Covid-19.

Enjoy – and you can follow the ongoing conversation at Hedgies Uncut, a channel where asset managers provide you with unfiltered analysis and how they’re positioning for tomorrow’s world.


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