As far as I can tell the Emirates are doing everything in their power to open this place up and make it more attractive.

Two examples of many:

  1. Dubai Land Department makes all real estate data publicly available as it strengthens transparency – Arabian Business
  2. UAE Cabinet approves Executive Regulations of Federal Decree-Law on Entry and Residence of Foreigners

I’d encourage you to read through both. Perhaps especially the second one. Now contrast this with what we’re seeing in many other countries of the world.

Yeah, it’s rather startling when looked at from that perspective, isn’t it.

Dubai | Photo: Pexels

Here are my very short two cents…

Dubai cannot ever be a regional power. It’s too small. It must therefore keep the peace amongst neighbors. Which is precisely what it does. Furthermore the Arabs are traders. So they trade.

What I do know is this. The Iranians are all invested in Dubai. The Chinese are all invested in and investing in Dubai as are the Russians and an ever increasing number of Europeans, especially Germans I’m told. A conflict involving Iran with Dubai being targeted? Doubt it. Actually, if there is one thing that I’m convinced will happen it is that Iran will be opened up to the Middle East within the next few years. Shocking?

You read it here. Watch!

No, the new geopolitical power structure here is a Sino-Russian one. And that means Iran will be mediated by those two powers. Neither the Russians or the Chinese have problems with Iran, so we’ll see Iran being opened to trade with this entire region. The West be damned. This will happen as the West continues its death spiral.


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