Greta Thunberg Sailing Towards Public Criticism

Move over Tom Cruise, Scientology is no longer “the bomb”. Instead, we’ve a new religion in town. So grab your vegan dinner, and book your yachts, because this one has all the basic human traits that make religions successful.

Professor of Psychology, Steven Reiss, over at the Ohio State University, who is the author of The 16 Strivings for God, found that there are 16 basic human desires that all “successful” religions manage to satiate. It is these basic desires that attract followers. 

Acceptance, curiosity, eating, family, honor, idealism, independence, order, physical activity, power, romance, saving, social contact, status, tranquility and vengeance.

Religion, says Reiss, attracts followers because it satisfies all of the 16 basic desires that humans share.

Something for everyone

Each of the 16 desires motivates people’s personality opposites. For example, some folks like social interaction and are extroverts. Others are introverts and like to get away from people.

Outside of religion, this is why pubs exist…for those who want to engage…and it’s why “retreats” exist. In religion, it’s why Churches and Mosques, for example, exist, and it’s also why religion of all stripes offer festivals. For those wanting solitude, religion preaches prayer and meditation. So it appeals to all.

You’ll find that there is a place for vengeance as well as tolerance in religious texts. So in this respect, it attracts peacemakers (turn the other cheek) as well as those who want to wreak havoc (the wrath of God, Jihad, etc.).

Seeking Satiation

Now, the interesting thing is that religious following in the west has been on the decline for decades now, though the need to satiate these 16 basic human desires that religions fulfill has not. And so when those human desires aren’t met, folks go in search of them elsewhere. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that we find religious-like followings for a host of things, such as gender, race, identity and yes, climate change. It is also no surprise that these new “religions” are almost entirely a western phenomenon. Strange, heh?

Something else that is consistent with religions, no matter which one we care to look at, is that they require faith over evidence. And when confronted with any attempt to discuss the validity of said religion, it is often met with vitriol and, in some places such as Saudi Barbaria, you’ll have your head chopped clean off for suggesting it may not be true.

Which brings me to the climate warriors.

We’ve heard a lot from them of late. These are folks, some clearly ardent believers, seeking truth and following “respectable” governments. Which in itself is a bit like looking for dietary advice from a fat person. Others…many others are stirred up into a religious fervor incapable of holding a conversation on the topic. Cultural Marxist’s parroting, with increasing hysteria, the notion we’re all going to die. Twelve years apparently…that’s what we’ve got. I’ll tell you what, though. Put them in charge and there will almost certainly be deaths within 12 years. 

What’s interesting, but not actually surprising, is that there’s a healthy stack of research out of places like Japan, where the hysterical left have no foothold, that point towards cooling not warming. Imagine that. That these bodies of work don’t make it into western and, in particular, American universities is because none of this is about science. Bit by bit, Western Universities have been co-opted by the cultural Marxists, socialists, identity politics and the associated hairy armpit crowd together with their beardie male counterparts…though even stating that is actually now illegal in many places. You see, there aren’t just two genders. There are hundreds and we must address them accordingly no matter what it is they identify as. They’re not interested in truth…they just want to destroy western civilization, and THAT is a far greater threat to all of us than you or I sipping a drink through a plastic straw ever will be.

And they’ve found their messiah.

The Rise of The Greta Movement

That it requires the co-opting of a hormonal child with a history of psychological illness is ironically apt for this movement. Using a kid to be the mascot to this is child abuse. Pure and simple. Really it’s not her fault. When I was a kid I was terrified of all sorts of bogeymen that now seem ridiculous. That’s because they were. And that’s what a parent’s job is there for. To guide youth through the chaos of life’s decisions and understanding the world. The folks using her as a tool are committing child abuse of the most outrageous kind and should be made to live out their days wrapped in hemp, eating lettuce, and living in caves.

I could spend more time on Greta and go on and on…

So I will

The messiah sailed to the UN in a 50-million-quid yacht. No really, she did. Because that’s practical, isn’t it? Five people flew over to arrange the entire thing…because that’s practical, too.

It was for show folks. 

Nooo, Chris, she really means it. She was decreasing her carbon footprint. Really, let’s see. Zero carbon, heh.

Well, this thing has a diesel engine. Noooo really?…Yup, no kidding. Worse, still, it’s made of carbon fiber. Now, here’s the thing with carbon fiber that the climate loonies won’t tell you and if you pointed it out…wouldn’t care (not about facts…remember). Carbon fiber takes approximately 14 times more energy to produce than steel. Duh, that’s why it costs so much. Oh, and it’s nearly impossible to recycle carbon fiber. Steel, on the other hand, is regularly and easily recycled. Stick a blowtorch on it and voila. But let’s not let those pesky little facts get in the way of some of the most egregious virtue-signaling we’ve ever seen.

Holding onto Blind Faith

How does this relate to religion? Well, consider how followers of any given faith often happily see their chosen idol, around which they heap praise, buy lear jets while they tithe to the cause. 

Here is pastor Jesse Duplantis showing off his 4 private jets. Last year, he claimed his last jet wasn’t “up to par” and was asking or another $54 million to buy a new one.

And, you know what. The kids these days…the ones yelling at those white privileged males ….you know, the ones that built the central heating for them. Yeah, well, they’d rather sit inside with the central heating on and rant on social media. It’s ok, though, electricity just happens as do iPads and refrigerators, and ovens and and and. The materials aren’t, you know…mined and trucked and shipped. No – they just appear.

It’s not enough for these folks to enjoy their lettuce eating, bicycle riding ways. No, what they really want is to force everyone else to join them and party like it’s 1998 in Kosovo.

Governments on Climate Change

Now, if you really want to do something for the environment, we have history to prove EXACTLY what is required. Political interventionism and certainly socialism won’t protect your pet dog let alone the endangered brown spotted owl and most certainly not the globe’s environment. What it will do is create misallocation of capital, consolidate power and stifle innovation which has always and will always be the answer to man’s problems. 

Don’t believe me?

Take a look at the societies on this planet which have the most interventionist approaches. Societies where government power involves state-controlled or heavily-influenced corporates are always the biggest polluters. Always. The reasons are obvious as mud for anyone that cares to look past the hysterical rhetoric we’re subjected to. Government is coercive and hates competition. 

Historical evidence and economic incentives show us that interventionism and socialism do the very opposite of protecting the environment,  they only use it as a subterfuge to increase control of the economy while subsidizing polluters under the excuse of “employment” using the term “strategic sectors.”

It is worth noting that the spark that lit the yellow vest movement in France was a fuel tax hike, predicated upon a climate tax. In Holland, we have a mass protest by farmers. Why? Well, this kicked off a suggestion from coalition party D66 that Dutch livestock farming should be slashed to meet commitments on reducing nitrogen emissions. Now, climate nazis believe that cows are destroying the climate.  On that logic, man has done wonders to the climates since we’ve nearly wiped out herds of every creature in every industrialised country. How these idiots think they’ll feed themselves without farming isn’t considered. That’s because they actually don’t care.

What comes next?

Why, taxes, of course. Look, western governments are flat broke. If you’re living in the west and think your pension is safe, just wait until these neo-marxists get a hold of you. If you’re a pensioner, clearly you were one of those who most greatly contributed to “man-made global warming” which will justify it on moral grounds. You’ll be collateral damage in this “war”.

And since the rhetoric is that we’re all going to die within a decade, we know that policies can (if this nonsense continues to gain traction) be implemented at scale and in the blink of an eye. It’s urgent, remember. And since it’s Armageddon we’re facing, really, who would disagree that we shouldn’t employ a “do everything and now” strategy. Except we’re not all going to die. But what will happen is western governments will have to find a way to finance their debt burdens. What better way than a large-scale theft from a brainwashed public under the guise of saving the planet.


“Historically, the claim of consensus has been the first refuge of scoundrels; it is a way to avoid debate by claiming that the matter is already settled. “

– Michael Crichton


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