Hedging Extraordinary Risk

We have extraordinary risk, OK? Anyone telling you otherwise is blind, trying to sell you something, or just plain stupid.

It’s a result of the mispricing of assets globally, and that is 2 parts globally coordinated central bank policies which are skewing the cost of capital and 1 part market perception and reaction to market events.

I spend quite literally hours upon hours speaking with some of the sharpest investors on this ball of dirt and the overwhelming consensus is the same: asset prices have never been this distorted… ever.

The question is, how to hedge this?

I decided to cover this topic in a very short podcast I recorded for you.

I did this since it is in large part the shortened version of a conversation I had with 3 traders, all of whom can’t be divulged due to their respective positions at major institutions.

Direct download link (right-click and choose “Save As”)

I hope you enjoy it!

– Chris

“Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.” — Warren Buffett


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