How To Build A Royalty Company… And Keep Your Cash

One thing I can say with respect to the royalty and streaming sector is that the equities have performed very well, on a relative basis, across many metal price environments; whether its bull markets or bear markets… in challenging price environments the royalty business model has very high margins.

Dan O’Flaherty, CEO of Maverix Metals

Dan O’Flaherty is the CEO of Maverix Metals, a royalty and streaming company based in Vancouver, Canada.

Maverix was founded just two years ago by ex-Pan American Silver CEO, Geoff Burns, who brought on Dan as the company’s first CEO. Since then Maverix has been on an aggressive acquisition spree acquiring some of the most lucrative streaming and royalty packages in the sector. In this conversation we discuss:

  • What exactly does an investment banker do all day?
  • How Maverix was able to complete numerous transactions while paying next to nothing in cash.
  • Why the royalty sector presents a particularly appealing opportunity for investors.
  • Why companies choose to sell or “spin out” their royalty portfolios.
  • What Dan looks for when he invests his personal capital in the mining sector.

Dan has had an impressive career in the mining space, and only just getting started. He has a deep knowledge of mining finance and a tonne of great advice to offer listeners.

Enjoy the show!

Jamie Keech

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