How To Disrupt Mining: A User’s Guide

I think the worst advice I’ve ever received is: that’s the way it’s done. It should never be like that, there is always a new way to approach something. Even if it’s been done the same way for years and years, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t approach whatever that task is with a critical mind.

Steve De Jong, CEO VRify

Steve De Jong is an entrepreneur from Vancouver determined to disrupt the mining industry. He is the CEO of VRify and the Chairman of Integra Resources.

In today’s episode we discuss:

  • How Steve got his start in mining and what it’s like to be the CEO of one of the industry’s hottest startups at 28
  • What it was like to sell Integra Gold Corp. for over half a billion dollars
  • The mentors that helped Steve establish himself early
  • The creation of the #DisruptMining challenge
  • Steve’s plan to affect transparency across the industry and provide investors with better information
  • How lessons learned at Integra Gold lead to the idea for VRify
  • The story that inspired VRify’s now famous spoof Videos (1 & 2)

I had a great time talking with Steve and walked away excited about the work VRify is doing and opportunities for disruption in the space.

[transcription id=23558]

This podcast will add a lot of value to any investor looking to better understand the sector and entrepreneurs excited about making a dent in the space.

Jamie Keech

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