How To Get Shit Done In The Yukon

If you come in and you’re quite cavalier and you don’t respect mother nature, and the other contributing factors that can affect a project severely you’re going to end up in trouble.

Brandon Duncan, President of Backcountry Resources

Brandon Duncan is the President and Founder of Backcountry Resources, a Yukon based construction, management and logistics company serving the mining and exploration sector.

When I was in my early 20’s I had the opportunity to work closely with Brandon on a project in a remote corner of the Canadian Yukon.

Since that time, I’ve watched Brandon lead teams and execute on complex projects in some of the world’s most challenging environments.

In this conversation we discuss:

  • Why Brandon started working in the Yukon bush as a teenager;
  • The unique challenges miners face working in extreme environments;
  • How to manage remote operations effectively;
  • What you get when you mix bear spray and peanut butter; and
  • What not to do at a road block in Mexico.

People like Brandon are an essential component to any successful mining project, but they are rarely seen by investors.

I had a great time chatting with Brandon, and I highly recommend this episode to anyone that wants to look behind the curtain and understand what it takes to successfully execute some of the world’s most promising and challenging exploration projects.

Jamie Keech

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