How To Think About De-Risking Investments

Today, I spoke once again with our in-house resource mining engineer Jamie Keech.

When a resource company runs 10x there is a big song and dance about it… and fair enough.

The issue is that for everyone that does it, about 90 don’t… and nobody makes much mention of this dynamic.

De-risking investments is a MUCH bigger issue than anyone on the interwebnetpipes will have you believe. But it’s the truth, and any investor worth their salt knows it.

We also delved into the geopolitics of resources — a critical topic we see influencing the global economy in the coming years.

You can listen to it all here:


– Chris

P.S. Jamie and I will be soon launching a new service for accredited investors focused on opportunities in the resource space. To find out more and get yourself on the VIP list for when it becomes available, go here.


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