Hunting For The World’s Next Great Copper Mine

My background is very technical, very research orientated and very pragmatic. The Tethyan belt was literally a no brainer, Eastern Europe was not a high-risk jurisdiction.

Teo Dechev, President & CEO Mundoro Capital

Teo Dechev is the President & CEO of Mundoro Capital, a Canadian mineral exploration company focused on copper discovery in Eastern Europe’s Tethyan Belt. In this conversation we discuss:

  • Why the Tethyan belt is one of the most exciting exploration regions in the world.
  • Why Teo’s background makes her uniquely suited for navigating the challenges and opportunities present in Serbia and Bulgaria.
  • How to identify hire and retain great in country technical teams.
  • Why Teo signed joint venture agreements with both JOGMEC and Freeport McMoRan and how this allows Mundoros to leverage its existing capital.
  • Why Teo believes a technical education is a huge advantage, regardless of ones chosen profession.
  • How Teo went from commodities trader, to research analyst and finally CEO.
  • Advice for the next generation of female leaders in the mining industry.
  • What’s next for Mundoro Capital.
  • And much more.

This was a very fun conversation, and one that sheds a lot of light on a region that I believe will be producing some of the world’s biggest discoveries over the coming decade.

Jamie Keech

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