Integrity, Basketball, And Sandstorm Gold’s Next 10 Years…

I think the key in life is: work super hard, work strategically, always be trying to put yourself in a position to be lucky; but sometimes things won’t work out. And when they don’t, either strategically decide to keep moving forward in the same direction, or pivot and go do something else and put yourself in a position to be lucky somewhere else.

Nolan Watson, President & CEO of Sandstorm Gold

Nolan Watson is the President & CEO of Sandstorm Gold, a Vancouver based streaming and royalty company. In this far reaching podcast Nolan and I dig into:

  • What it took for Silver Wheaton to go from a $0 to a $5 billion market cap, and the deal that caused Nolan to rack up a $12,000 cell phone bill in Hawaii.
  • Why Nolan became an accountant, so he could marry his high school sweetheart.
  • How Nolan’s father taught him about entrepreneurship from an early age.
  • The importance of distinguishing between business risks and personal risks.
  • Why Nolan doesn’t believe in formal mentorship, and what he looks for in future leaders.
  • The exclusive self-development club Nolan started in his early 20’s that helped drive members to extreme success.
  • Why Nolan staffs Sandstorm Gold with future CEOs.
  • Why sinking 500 baskets a day on his high school basketball team helped lay the groundwork for Nolan’s future success.
  • The key ingredient that Nolan believes will make him wealthier and happier in his 70’s.
  • How Sandstorm Gold is rebalancing its portfolio to address the fact that they are trading at a lower multiple compared with peers.
  • What it took to re-build Sandstorm Gold after its share price plummeted from ~$14 to ~$3 in 2016, and why Nolan believes they now have one of the best teams in the industry.
  • The innovative steps Sandstorm Gold is taking to attract new investors.
  • The thing that Nolan spends time thinking about that adds more value than people expect.
  • And much more.

This was an extremely candid conversation and offers a rare window into the thoughts and actions of one of the most dynamic leaders in the industry.

If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to build a billion-dollar company from scratch, this is the episode for you.

Jamie Keech

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