Into The Wild West: What It Takes To Become A Professional Mining Investor

How do you find these really big deposits? The last 20, 30 years we’ve gone to so many different parts of the world, and we’re still going to more parts of the world because it’s getting harder and harder to make those new big discoveries.

Nick Germain, the Mining Book Guy

Nick Germain is a full-time mining investor, commentator, and educator behind the popular website, Twitter account, and YouTube channel: The Mining Book Guy.

Nick has one of the best handles on the junior exploration sector of anyone I know and is someone I talk to regularly when looking at opportunities in emerging jurisdictions.

What makes Nick particularly interesting is that he started his career as a video game creator/entrepreneur and leveraged the capital he made to become a full-time mining investor.

In this interview we discuss:

  • The parallels between exploration companies and the early days of Facebook.
  • Why “Wild West” industries offer industry outsiders a unique advantage.
  • Why Nick believes remote and emerging jurisdictions offer investors the best opportunity to be part of a massive discovery.
  • What is more important: Great management or a great deposit?
  • The chat room that helped Nick’s investing career take off.
  • What event Nick views as a “must attend” for serious mining investors.
  • Tips, tricks, and hacks for retail investors looking to improve performance and meet the biggest names in the industry.

[transcription id=”23700″]

Nick is one of the most knowledgeable and passionate investors that I’ve ever met. He offers some great advice and resources for anyone looking to up their game and better understand the junior exploration sector.

Jamie Keech

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