Investing In A Fast-Changing World

“There are tremendous changes underway on this earth, with environmental concerns, and new technologies. I would say if you want to invest in the (mining) space find one of those things that you’re interested in, whatever it might be, and use that as your guide for finding the basic material that will benefit from whatever that change is.”

Anthony Milewski, MD Pala Investments & Chairman/CEO Cobalt27

Anthony Milewski is the Chairman and CEO of Cobalt27, a company that owns both physical cobalt as well as various cobalt royalties/streams.

Anthony is also Managing Director at Pala Investments, a mining and metals focused fund based out of Switzerland. He is a lawyer by training and has spent much of his career focused on Russia and emerging markets.

In today’s episode of the Resource Insider Podcast, Anthony and I discuss:

  • Who should work at a hedge fund?
  • Why Anthony had an interest in Russia and Eastern Europe from a young age
  • The importance of following your interests and finding a field you can excel in
  • How Anthony looks at investment opportunities, and the importance of taking a thematic approach
  • Why Anthony created Cobalt27 and what he sees for the future of battery metals
  • How to identify and take advantage of the changes going on around us

Anthony has lived a very interesting life and is a wealth of information.

This conversation will be is excellent resource for anyone looking to allocate capital and make decisions more thoughtfully and decisively.

Jamie Keech

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