The Art Of Finding A Mountain

I have a question for you today. Two actually. Both come from subscribers. But before we get into them, some thoughts on life goals. Yeah, that’s the topic today (as you’ll see from the questions shortly), but not in the “rah rah, self help, visualize yourself with a Lambo, do

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Chris MacIntosh

Insider Weekly: Is This It?

Hello, and welcome back! Lot’s of good stuff this week. When it comes to holiday breaks, some men go fishing, getting sea sick rocking in a boat while being sunburnt, or sitting on a muddy bank of a river playing with soggy foul smelling bait (and then there are others

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RI Podcast
Jamie Keech

Don’t Let The Bastards Grind You Down!

History has proven, certainly over the last 30 years I’ve been in the business, that nobody is better at finding gold deposits than the juniors. George Salamis is the CEO of Integra Resources and past Chairman of Integra Gold, which was sold to Eldorado Gold in 2017 for $590 million.

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