One problem – Two Solutions…and two Verrry Different Outcomes.

My son’s 15.  Son: Dad can you help me?Me: Sure what?Son: my bike’s got a punctureMe: So fix itSon: Can you help me?Me: I can, but I won’t.Son: Urghhh (rolling eyes) He knows…trust me he knows. This is not the first time A few minutes later Son: MomMom: YesSon: Can you help me fix my puncture?Mom: Ok honey.Me: Nooo!Fight discussion ensues. I win….this time. Whew. 20 minutes later. Punctures fixed. Who fixed it?  Well it wasn’t me – and it

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Three Currencies, One’s Corrected and The Others….ooh boy!

I don’t know if you saw it but the Ruskies fell out of bed with the head choppers Saudis last week.  As my friend, Mike Alkin, recently mentioned on this chat (join if you dare). Interesting times, indeed. Here’s Occidental, a pretty good barometer for the US shale industry. Still, if you think that’s ugly, do yourself a favour and have a gander at their bonds which have gone no bid. Shale…as I’ve mentioned many times before, was a bug

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These Changes Promise to Completely Change Global Markets

While scenes of frowning people wearing face masks continue to capture and maintain the limelight there have been some very important shifts gaining momentum in the global political landscape. Wuhan Zombie flu I mean COVID-19 and the economic knock on effects of the virus will likely only exacerbate and accelerate them. Let me explain. The post world war 2 era is changing After the second world war it was the Americans who were left standing tall, while their allies (Brits

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The Wise Man Does At Once What The Fool Does Finally

This post is about what I believe to be coming for various asset classes and gold in particular. The subject line is a statement attributed to Niccolò Machiavelli, who is referred to as the father of modern political philosophy. It was his advice to the Princes of Italy in the city-state era.  A wise man, on identifying a problem or on having a problem pointed out to him, will do what he needs to do to rectify the problem. After

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Jamie Keech

Frank Giustra & The Art of Curiosity

“I don’t like giving advice to the younger generation, because I never took advice. I didn’t listen to anybody. I marched to my own drum, and it worked. Had I listened to what the older, more established people were saying to me, and suggesting that I do, I would have never achieved anything.” Frank Giustra is one of the most successful financiers, entrepreneurs and philanthropists on the planet. He’s widely known as a Canadian mining mogul and for his philanthropic

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Coronavirus. Listen in to what the professionals are doing

Chris MacIntosh, Brad McFadden principal at Glenorchy Capital and co-editor of Insider at capitalist exploits, Harris (Kuppy) Kupperman from Praetorian Capital, Mike Alkin and his lead analyst Tim Chilleri from Sachem Cove partners, and last but certainly not least, Tim Staermose author of the 4th Pillar at Sovereignman take you through our thoughts on the likely outcomes of Covid-19.

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