Mikael Syding: Tools Of An Investing Titan

When I was a boy I would read voraciously, everything. Under the covers in bed with a flashlight, and under the desk in class at school. Now years later I recognise it’s not necessary to be taught to learn, it happens if people will get out of your damned way. As kids we all want to learn but some lose the excitement, and I pity them. Those that keep the enjoyment and excitement have a distinct edge!

When I first came across Karl Mikael Syding (Sprezza) I recognised a boy in a man’s skin: excited, inquisitive, questioning, open, and electrifyingly sharp – like a high voltage cerebral butcher’s knife. No surprises then that he bucked the trend – first by becoming THE top European hedge fund manager for 10 years in a row, including weathering the GFC, and then by walking away from it all.

I’ve previously recorded a phone chat with Sprezza and decided to record another call with him last week. In this chat we cover:

  • How Sprezza goes about synthesising his ideas and executing on them
  • How to be more effective, using simple strategies throughout your day
  • How to hack studying of vast amounts of information
  • Why and how execution should be tackled like software updates
  • The danger of not having perspective when making decisions
  • European banking and Mikael’s views on what will happen here
  • The future of Europe and the euro (does it have a future at all?)
  • The dangers of a weak currency – something all the central banks are trying to achieve
  • Why Sprezza thinks that Europe will disintegrate a lot faster than Japan
  • Plus a bunch more.

Listen to it here and feel free to share your comments below:


– Chris

“There are many ways to catch a fish, but the best one is the one that works for you.” — Karl Mikael Syding


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