Mining Investing For The Risk Averse

Our risk profile is so different than a traditional mining company. And Why? Because we’ve taken so many of those risks out of the equation.

Randy Smallwood, President & CEO Wheaton Precious Metals

Randy Smallwood is the President & CEO of Wheaton Precious Metals, a Vancouver based metal streaming company that was instrumental in pioneering the model.

Randy is a geological engineer who started his career staking claims in northern British Columbia, and has worked in nearly every facet of the mining lifecycle, on his way to the top job at Wheaton Precious.

In this conversation we discuss:

  • Lessons learned growing up with an auctioneer.
  • Randy’s early love affair with geology.
  • Managing both breadth and depth of opportunity.
  • The benefits of being a ‘generalist’.
  • What makes a metal stream sustainable?
  • How to do great deals even if you’re horrific at predicting commodity prices.
  • The importance of tier 1 assets.
  • How Wheaton Precious renegotiated a very significant tax liability.
  • Why Randy believes Wheaton Precious is trading at a discount.
  • How to actually buy at the bottom of the cycle.
  • The future of metal streaming.

Randy has seen just about everything over the past few decades and I learned a ton chatting with him.

If you have ever wanted to pick the brain of a streaming pioneer and one of mining’s greatest innovators… have a listen!

Jamie Keech

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