Raoul Pal: “The Era Of Doing Nothing And Getting Paid For It Is Over”

Today’s podcast is a little different. I speak with Raoul Pal and we cover a number of topics, running from one to another as they crop up. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I always enjoy speaking with Raoul.

A Renowned Global Macro Investor

For those of you who’ve never heard of Raoul – he is first and foremost one of the most congenial, open-minded, and thoughtful guys you could ever have the pleasure of discussing the truly mind-boggling and fascinating world of global macroeconomics with.

He’s also a world-renowned global macro investor, an investment strategist, economic historian, traveler, rum drinker, and co-founder of Real Vision TV, together with Grant Williams who I spoke with some time ago.

Here are some of the topics Raoul and I cover in the podcast:

  • The end of financialization of the economy. The era of doing nothing and getting paid for it is over. Why Raoul thinks that’s a good thing (especially if you’re an entrepreneur) and he also lays out the way to profit from it.
  • Why markets around the world are so fragile today and why the investment environment is so dangerous, especially for less liquid investments.
  • Helicopter money – as Raoul said, “We’re getting there, it just depends which format we’re going to get.”
  • Why debt is like 700 beers (plus Raoul’s take on the possibility of a debt jubilee).
  • Which chart is showing one of the biggest head and shoulders tops in history.
  • How Raoul looks at Bitcoin and why he thinks Bitcoin has a huge runway (but with one important caveat)… and why – on the other side – he doesn’t see a lot more runway left in startup investing, or as Raoul calls it, “lottery ticket investing”.
  • Why venture capital is, in fact, in a “terrifying situation”.
  • And much more.

Listen to Our Podcast

Like 6 other investing superstars, Raoul is also bullish on gold. I think it’s one of the easiest and safest bets in today’s macro environment.

I hope you enjoy it. Please share this with all your friends and enemies alike and let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

– Chris

“What I do know is that we’re talking about the end of the financialisation of the economy, and that’s a good thing.” – Raoul Pal


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