Ross Beaty: How to Win in the Mining Industry

A lot of what happens in one’s life is just manifest destiny, it just happens… I was so busy running around in those early years, it was like I just didn’t know where I was going to go. But I just knew that if I had enough irons, in enough fires, one of those irons was going to become a good solid flame that would burn brightly. Sure enough, it happened. I didn’t know which one, but I knew that if I kept at it and had lots of lottery tickets one of them would pan out.

Ross Beaty, Chairman Equinox Gold & Pan American Silver

Ross Beaty is one of the few true magnates of the mining world. Geologist, entrepreneur, and investor, his peers can be counted on one hand… with digits to spare.

Achievements and Successes

He is the Chairman of Pan American Silver, the Chairman of Equinox Gold and the Founder of the Lumina Group of companies. He has built and sold over a dozen public companies and created many billions of dollars for shareholders (and himself).

Ross has had success in both discovery and building operating mining companies. He’s also a dedicated environmentalist and philanthropist. The internet is abounds with articles and interviews cataloging Ross’s past wins.

A Discussion on the Mining Industry

In this conversation, we dig into how he does it and why, after over 40 years of success, he’s still doing it.

We discuss:

  • Who should be a mining entrepreneur and who should get a job;
  • The difference between great entrepreneurs and great management teams;
  • How and when to use other people’s money;
  • Ross’ early setbacks, and how he pulled a rabbit out of a hat and turned his first company into a major success;
  • When leaders should be looking at a breadth of opportunities and when they need to focus and execute;
  • What it takes to succeed as a company builder and an investor in a bear market;
  • Lessons Ross learned in building a renewable energy company;
  • Ross’ views on unsustainable growth; and
  • The role of energy, travel, and luck in a successful career.

A Worthwhile Conversation

There are few opportunities to speak to someone like Ross in the mining space because frankly there are very few people like Ross to speak to. I had a great time chatting with him, and I think it goes without saying:

Listen to this ASAP!

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