Sentiment can Change in a Heartbeat

It was a few of years ago now that we started getting interested in the commodities and mining space, as a result of the reversal of globalisation that we were witnessing, and the enormous bubble in financial assets that was going to burst as a result.

Then covid-19 came along.

This event has accelerated and intensely exacerbated the thesis we already had before the insane government reactions to the virus.

We are now looking, we believe, at a protracted period of high inflation and low growth that the market has not yet priced in, and that means one thing: opportunity.

In this short video, I take you through how I’m participating in private placements in mining projects (gold, copper, silver, and the like), and most importantly, why.

Once the market recognises that hard assets are “safe” compared with investing in companies that perpetually lose money, I believe we’re going to see a bull run in the commodities space the likes of which few can comprehend.

If you’re an accredited investor who wants to take advantage of the current environment we’re in, you can invest directly alongside Jamie Keech and me in pre-vetted and high quality mining projects, via our service Resource Insider.


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  1. James

    Thanks Chris for a clear and logical message with good advice. Have a good one.

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