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Chris MacIntosh

How To Profit From The Inevitable Descent Of South Africa

Today’s missive comes to you from our head trader Brad McFadden. Enjoy! It isn’t hard to make money in markets if you have studied history for long enough. It just seems that humans do and think the stupidest of things. But often making money from such stupid behaviour does not

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Libya, Frontier Markets FX and “Streaming” Agriculture

We’ve written a bit herein about our friend and colleague, Kevin Virgil. Kevin is a West Point graduate, veteran of the US military and a true boots-on-the-ground frontier markets investor. He’s also a damn nice guy! You can get a bit more background by reviewing our posts: Libya – The

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Exploits of a Capitalist

I was 16 years old and knew how to handle myself. I was fit, lean and had spent a lot of time in the gym. OK, I was skinny, maybe even scrawny and the gym workouts had likely done more for my ego than my physique, but… I had watched

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