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Financial Markets
Chris MacIntosh

Opportunity Amongst The Entrails Of European Banks

In a misguided and desperate attempt to fight the headwinds of deflation (a byproduct of unsustainable debt which the market has been trying to unwind for the past decade), central bankers have manipulated markets with a range of tools. This ranges from a lot of preposterous jawboning to quantitative easing and slashing interest rates all

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Why Jim Rogers is Wrong

“If you’ve got young people who don’t know what to do, I’d urge them not to get MBAs, but to get agriculture degrees,” – Jim Rogers “All your viewers who got MBAs made a terrible mistake; they should try to exchange them for farming degrees or mining degrees”. – Jim

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Europe – Here is What the Wealthy are Doing

There are essentially three main reasons for using Banks: Storing cash for ease of transacting; Keeping cash safe from theft; Earning interest on your capital. As a teenager I remember opening my first bank account, diligently saving my money and watching it slowly grow. Receiving “official” mail was cool. I

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Beating the Bank… Lessons from Mongolia

Having lived in several Frontier Markets, I’ve oft observed that when wacky rules are put into place, creating inefficiencies and costing people money, the free market almost always finds a way around it. This goes for everything from selling vegetables roadside without a permit, hocking gasoline out of soda bottles

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