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Trent Barnes

ICOs – A Brief History

In this piece, the guys at ZeroCap look at what ICOs are and their history; how many of the cryptocurrencies you may already know of came into existence through ICOs, the role that Ethereum played and the lessons learnt from this overly crypto-exuberant time.

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Pot Stock ETF’s Are Making History Repeat Itself

I’ve been thinking that at some point in the future I want to buy the snot out of pot stocks. Did I say in the future? Let me explain by taking you back to the 2000’s. Remember the mid 2000’s? Nokia was still “the bomb”, wearing bandanas was cool, and

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Soap Bubble
Financial Markets
Chris MacIntosh

The Anatomy of a Carry Trade Bubble

Last week I discussed some very important things, not the least of which was how to get rock hard abs. Equally as important is how asymmetry builds in nature and in financial markets. Today I wanted to continue the discussion. A question posed by a reader prompted me to think about

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THIS is where our Monetary System is Headed

I’ve never been trapped in a fire before and trust me, I have had plenty of opportunity. Yes, I was THAT kid, the one who played with fire. The trick was, and still is to steer clear of the flames, to anticipate what and where. Fire is however notorious for

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A Can’t Lose Deal… “Public” Venture Capital

After the debacle that was Solyndra, we hoped that “public” venture capital would die a much deserved death. Alas, we once again underestimated the arrogance and self-professed intellectual superiority of the bureaucrats! Well we, cynics of “public” venture capital (aka government sponsored business), should hide in shame. We obviously didn’t

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