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Chris MacIntosh

THIS Was A Great Article!

My buddy Kuppy, who I’ve introduced you to many times before and who you can find hanging out here, wrote a piece last week. It’s a great piece and worth sharing. More below, but first… Talking of hanging out… Kuppy, as well as Jamie, our resource guru, and Brad, our trading guru,

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Those Sneaky Chinese

Devilishly Deceptive Making History 28 billion euros in market cap. That’s how much Bayer has lost following its acquisition of Satan Monsanto. It is the largest destruction of capital in German stock market history… and it couldn’t happen to nicer folks. Funding Secured Staying with Europe… sorta. https://twitter.com/DavorKunc/status/1040962515742666753 Now THAT is

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A Can’t Lose Deal… “Public” Venture Capital

After the debacle that was Solyndra, we hoped that “public” venture capital would die a much deserved death. Alas, we once again underestimated the arrogance and self-professed intellectual superiority of the bureaucrats! Well we, cynics of “public” venture capital (aka government sponsored business), should hide in shame. We obviously didn’t

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