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Coal: Sold Out – OWTW

Not really what you’d expect from a resource that’s supposedly on the way out, is it? “It’s pretty much sold out,” Peabody Chief Executive Officer Jim Grech said Thursday during a conference call. “We only have a small portion left to be sold for 2022 and for 2023.” Arch’s thermal

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Coronavirus. Listen in to what the professionals are doing

Chris MacIntosh, Brad McFadden principal at Glenorchy Capital and co-editor of Insider at capitalist exploits, Harris (Kuppy) Kupperman from Praetorian Capital, Mike Alkin and his lead analyst Tim Chilleri from Sachem Cove partners, and last but certainly not least, Tim Staermose author of the 4th Pillar at Sovereignman take you through our thoughts on the likely outcomes of Covid-19.

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Hong Kong, We Will Miss You

The Hong Kong of today won’t be the Hong Kong of tomorrow. Now, I know what some of you are going to say. That Hong Kongers are just money grubbing, fast moving, fast eating, efficiently evolved economic animals. There is a nugget of truth in that. It’s what happens when

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Weekly Recap
Chris MacIntosh

Thank God For “Mail”

Mail thinks this is junk. Mail is smart. I propose we put “mail” onto Goldman, who it’s nice to see are squirming over the seemingly unimaginable fraud which they actively assisted in perpetrating robbing the 1MDB Malaysian sovereign wealth fund of some $5 billion. If you think Way Gilstrap (above)

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Those Sneaky Chinese

Devilishly Deceptive Making History 28 billion euros in market cap. That’s how much Bayer has lost following its acquisition of Satan Monsanto. It is the largest destruction of capital in German stock market history… and it couldn’t happen to nicer folks. Funding Secured Staying with Europe… sorta. https://twitter.com/DavorKunc/status/1040962515742666753 Now THAT is

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