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Chris MacIntosh

Only Two Options For The Saudi Sheikhs

A few years ago, when living in Phuket, Thailand, a group of Saudis stayed for a week’s holiday in a neighboring villa.

Outside of the religious and social confines of the land of black gold and endless sand, this group made a bunch of spoiled 5-year olds left to run amok in a candy shop without adult supervision look positively angelic.

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Getting Paid for Doing the Obvious?

I’ve spent a good few hours running. Up hills, down hills, along flats… just running. A not so startling realization is that running uphill burns more calories, is more taxing on your body, makes you breathe harder, and will make you tired faster than running on a flat or downhill.

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This WILL Happen!

All pegs break! Capital flows have shifted. They are heading from the periphery back to the core. It’s a rotten core but it’s the only core we have. That core for the time being is the greenback. It is happening in fits and starts but across almost every currency cross

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