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A Conversation with Harris Kupperman – Part Deux

We ended the last post (the first part of a discussion with Harris Kupperman – “Kuppy”) discussing Mongolia and then Cambodia. In this discussion Harris and I moved on to the state of the world economy, and Japan in particular. ——- Chris: We’re living in a very unique investing environment

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This is Who Will Save The World!

Japan has just shocked the market with…you guessed it, a widening trade deficit. We spilled a fair bit of digital ink explaining why the Japanese Government fiscal situation is a moth in search of a flame. Our complimentary report which you can download, print and doodle on anytime you please…(really we’ll take

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The Cliff Edge is Safe… Really!!

Our friend Harris Kupperman recently wrote an interesting article asking the question, “Does Real Estate Equal A Bond Short?” If you haven’t read his occasional musings you should. He’s sharper than the hairpins at Monaco. To summarize Harris’ article: You’re not buying Real estate per se, what you’re buying is

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Japan – A Budget to be Proud Of!

We interrupt this broadcast to bring you some terrific news – Direct to you from the BOJ… “Beloved citizens, “On the 24th of December, 2011 the Japanese Cabinet approved a draft budget for the 2012 fiscal year. The numbers reveal that we, Japan, have proved once and for all that

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Betting on an Inevitable and Overlooked Crisis

It seems as if all the present focus in financial markets is on Europe and “solving” their debt crisis. Debt is by far the biggest problem facing the developed world. What is interesting is that there lurks a far greater crisis on the horizon in my opinion, one that dwarfs

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Greek Debt: Why Politicians are so Successful

It takes a uniquely special idiot to grab my attention these days, as there exists a smörgåsbord of options to pick from. One example caught my eye fresh off the press: “We must avoid the country’s collapse at all costs. Now is not the time to step back,” – Greek

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Venture Capital and Private Equity
Chris MacIntosh

One Way to Solve the Pre Money Valuation Conundrum

Let’s make something perfectly clear; I’ve made some ridiculously stupid investment decisions.  I’ve also made some which in hindsight appear to be genius (buying SLV leaps over a year ago, for example).  When structuring deals where our own capital was at risk, we’ve structured some poorly, and others far more astutely. I

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